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A fairytale farm in the plains of the lower Verona area

In Sorgà, a small village between Mantua and Verona, stands an ancient aristocratic mansion full of the charm of a bygone era. Corte Italia, owned by the family of the Earls Murari Brà since 1592, is a fairytale place where you can rediscover the pleasure of fine living, between an aperitif at sunset, a walk in the green and long afternoons of pure relaxation.

The villa, a perfect example of country chic style, includes the Ai Tigli B&B, La Casa Grande, a large garden with swimming pool and various indoor and outdoor spaces. At 19 km from Mantua and 28 km from Verona, Corte Italia is strategically located to explore the lower Veronese area, venturing as far as the southern shore of Lake Garda. Or simply to be lulled by the enchanted atmosphere of this place. 

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The history

Casa Piscina

The history of the Murari dalla Corte Brà family is doubly intertwined with that of the village of Sorgà, in the province of Verona. The Murari, formerly “A curte dicti Murari”, were wool merchants from Milan who moved their business to Verona in the 1400s. Here they invested much of their wealth in the purchase of land and became large landowners.

Beginning in the 1600s, the Murari dalla Corte, along with other noble families, including the Grimani of Venice and the Gherardini, introduced rice cultivation to the Verona valleys. 

In the late 1700s, Gerolamo Murari dalla Corte married Giulia Bra’, who brought a very rich dowry. From this union came the family name Murari dalla Corte Bra’. The name Corte Italia dates back to 1930. In the course of time, the estate has undergone renovations and changes of use of the different areas of the farm, including the manor house and the stables, where the Ristorante Trattoria Alla Pesa is located.

Today, Corte Italia is a place between past and present, where period furnishings and modern comforts, a large, recently renovated saltwater swimming pool and picturesque pergolas coexist in a harmonious and, above all, unique blend.

About Alla Pesa

“Corte Italia is history, territory, culture. It is the pleasure of leaving all thoughts behind and experiencing the countryside lightly. But above all, Corte Italia is home. For us and for our guests”.

 The Murari Brà family